Welcome to the Red Pill World


My name is Inge  Hass, author of the memoir,  Tales from the Psychopaths Playground.  In the book, I explore the phenomena of psychopaths and their influence on all of us, from both a personal and global perspective. As a former stockbroker and business woman, I am deeply interested in how the machinations of ruthless individuals steer the ship of misery for most while amassing power and wealth for the one percent.  It is perhaps no coincidence that 1% is both roughly the number of psychopathic predators amongst us and the world’s wealthiest elites.

My focus will be observations and opinions relating to the harms these snakes in suits visit upon humanity and how we can work to stop them.  They have embedded the key features of psychopathy into our laws, financial systems, trade agreements and other forms of coercion.  They have codified the features of psychopathy into their business model:   no conscience, no empathy, and a pathological need for power and control.

What we can do is expose their malice and remember that they have no power but that which we have given them.

The author believes that 9/11 was the fundamental lie that brought us to the global state of chaos we see today and that only by exposing the psychopaths amongst us can we hope to achieve peace and restore prosperity.

It can reasonably be argued that simply by restoring public banking, (ie. interest free money issued by governments, as opposed to central banking:  money created out of thin air and lent to the public at interest by private corporations), and eliminating the legal fiction of “Corporate Personhood” – most of the misery caused by war and poverty could be avoided in time.

These two concepts were implemented by the stroke of a pen and can be reversed in like fashion.  It is well beyond time that we move beyond the manufactured left/right paradigm and embrace a new way forward.



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