What does Climate Change have to do with Psychopaths?

The answer is plenty.  Today President Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate agreement.  Hallelujah!.   While the left will wring their hands and yell about Mar-a-Largo going underwater, Trump and his team will bring prosperity back to the country without the chokehold of this totally ineffective agreement.

There will be much ink spilled on what all this means by analysts more qualified than I, but in brief, the Paris accord is deeply flawed and unlikely to be effective, while cutting  into the financial and national sovereignty of America.   The Climate models have been spectacularly wrong.  There has been almost NO measurable warming in two decades while Co2 levels have been rising.  In and of itself that fact does not fit the narrative of runaway catastrophic global warming as a threat to the planet.

Analysis of the costs of implementing the Paris agreement run into $100 TRILLION over decades to (maybe) reduce warming by approximately one half of one-degree celsius. Then there is the minor issue of de-industrializing civilization in order to prevent the big ooga booga.

climate science  There have also been two recent studies that turn the whole “Co2 is a polluting greenhouse gas” nonsense on it’s head.

One very significant new finding is that the deep sea methane vents that regularly release the other greenhouse gas( Methane) actually have a net cooling effect on climate, not warming as previously thought.  This is huge!  Cow farts won’t kill us after all- go ahead and have a burger folks.



Not only have scientists had it backwards, but this revelation underscores how little we really understand “climate science”.

Then we have the wonderful news that increased Co2 in the atmosphere has actually caused  significant greening of the earth, or growth of plant life creating new forests twice the size of the continental US.


Now here is where the psychopaths come in.

The “Climate change” hustle is the key driver of the NWO/Globalist/Soros push for one world government, as only a global superstructure can manage the draconian remedies suggested by our unelected bureaucrats at the EU and sundry globalist think tanks.

Please take some time to research the United Nations Agenda 21 and the top down radical social engineering they are quietly implementing around the world.  A look at how they plan to restrict land use in the US is a real eye-opener.   The red bits are no-go zones, and oh, they want to abolish private property because man-bear-pig etc.


So while well-meaning greenies bicycle and go vegan, eschewing having babies because they breathe, the globalists get to have it all.  Every psychopath’s wet dream since the beginning of time.

These are the same elites who have been public about wanting to reduce the world’s population to half a billion.


The whole global warming hoax has been classic psychopathic manipulation.  We care about you and the planet they claim, so we are going to micro-manage every aspect of your life on your behalf.

The screaming hysteria coming from the establishment left and sell-outs on the right confirms that our new President is a danger to TBTB.  By pulling out of the climate hustle deal Trump has dealt the globalists a major blow.

They are skiing in Killington, Vermont today on June 1.  If it hasn’t warmed in 20 years and the deserts are greening up I think we can afford to wait and see for 8 more years while we reclaim America as a sovereign nation.

Your thoughts?

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