The Unrecognizable Derailed American Left

After decades of identifying with the progressive left, especially since 9/11, I no longer recognize their newest incarnation.  Their loony  and derailed attacks on all who disagree with their identity politics and faux “diversity” is literally nauseating. The extent of their hypocrisy on campuses and the MSM is jaw dropping.

They should have rejoiced when Trump ditched the TPP- a corporatist’s wet dream, but no.  They were too busy marching in pussy hats, that hugely embarrassing display of feminist misogyny that they dared call a “Women’s March”.  They continue to champion crooked Hillary, despite her obvious misogyny and racism not to mention the fascism of her globalist agenda.  From knowingly defending a guilty rapist and destroying the victim in court to protecting her sex predator husband to robbing the people of Haiti of billions in their hour of need, their standard bearer is the vilest of psychopaths.  They love her.

They pretend to hate the rich and yet worship clueless celebrities.  They preach love trumps hate and spew vicious hatred themselves  They claim to be for women’s rights while embracing Islam and Sharia law, to the point of allowing an advocate for same to be a lead organizer and speaker at the so called women’s march.

They exercise free speech to the point of publishing an image of a decapitated president, but riot when a conservative gay provocateur (MILO a very funny and articulate one) dares to schedule a speech at Berkely.

They claim to hate rich white men and the 1% and yet as the article below points out, are dead quite on the Bilderberg meeting happening today.  None of it makes any sense.  The old anti-war/anti-corporatist/anti-poverty/ left has devolved into the pathetic narcissistic street theater and name calling we are burdened with today.  How this young generation of indoctrinated SJW’s will cope in the real world is beyond imagination.

Where are the Bernie millions today?  Fighting for transgender bathroom rights, or justice for Seth Rich?  I truly hope the day does not come when these professional victims face becoming real victims, of economic collapse, terrorism or other hardships.  They might just find that in their hour of need it is the right,  preppers and blue collar flyover folks that have the tools and know-how for survival.

Gender studies and diversity training will likely not help these young people when it comes time to fix a truck or grow food.  The traditional working family will have a much better chance at helping the country get back on course.  When the stuff hits the fan our whining liberal class may just find that Karma really is a bitch.  You cannot put  Marxism on a plate and eat it.

Please see my book on Psychopaths and their institutions: